Hello and welcome to the Sims Trails!

This blog will be the trail of my journey in playing Sims 4. You can find the challenges I tackle and how I do them, the SimLit stories I’ll be writing, and some insights on how to enjoy playing Sims more, if I could find one. ^^

A Little About Myself

My Sims journey started last 2012 when a friend introduced me to this game. Since then, I was playing Sims 3 on my spare time, completing every possible careers and aspirations there are. I solely based my game on those things and never really tackle on the Sims community.

By the year 2015, I grew tired of playing the game. This year, my gaming heart urge me to try and play the Sims again.

My last Sims 3 game was so long ago that when I played the Sims 4 I was so lost! Now that it has different gameplay from the Sims 3, I need to know how to enjoy playing the game.

I searched and found the Sims  Community! I was fascinated with the Challenge List and the SimLit community I found.

With this blog, I aim to  connect with my fellow Simmers, and also try to play every Challenge there are together with creating SimLit stories. This will be my first attempt to do SimLit! Truth be told, I feel like I don’t know where to go. But, I will take this journey one challenge at a time. 🙂

Comments and feedbacks are highly appreciated!


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